FAQs for Glastotel
The below should answer any queries you have....
.... but if not please get in touch.


  • Where is the site? +
    We are a 15 minute flat walk to gate D.

    Click here for a link to the map
  • Do you provide shuttles? +
    I’m afraid we’re not permitted to transport guests across the festival car-park fields.
  • Can you pick me up from the coach station. +
    I’m afraid not – we recommend you get in a taxi at the taxi rank and book your return taxi well in advance (not during the festival).
  • Will I get my deposit back if I don’t get a ticket? +
    You would get 50% of your deposit / 25% of the total back if you cancel before the final balance is due. We advise guests to secure tickets before booking accommodation.
  • What is the deposit required? +
    50% up until 31st March 2022 from when all bookings must be paid in full in advance.
  • When will I need to pay my balance? +
    End of March 2022 by when we'll be in touch with the details
  • Can I pay in instalments? +
    I’m afraid not.
  • What time is check in / out? +
    Check-in from Midday on Wednesday 22nd June.
    Check out by 11am on Monday 27th June 2022
  • If I don’t want the tent for all 5 nights is it cheaper? +
    Because we can not re-let the tent for vacant nights I’m afraid not - it’s the same price no matter how many of the 5 nights you use it for.
  • Can I arrive at any time? +
    You can arrive any time from check-in time. We do close reception at around 10pm but we try to make arrangements for late check-ins.
  • Are the toilets / showers open 24 hours a day? +
    Yes – and cleaned regularly.
  • If we stay at Glastotel can we use the facilities at The Pop-Up Hotel? +
    I’m afraid not.
  • Can friends visit who aren’t staying at Glastotel? +
    I’m afraid not – this is to make sure that the infrastructure doesn’t come under unnecessary pressure.
  • Will there be a bar / food? +
    Yes there will be Catering and a Bar onsite and available at an additional cost

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  • How can I pre-book catering +
    If you have an existing booking with us, we’ll be in touch early April with the details to add on Catering at an additional cost and secure your food - more details via the link below. If you’re making a new booking from April then you may select Catering at the time of booking.

    More Info
  • Can I bring alcohol and food in with me? +
    Yes once on arrival for personal use.
  • Can I bring Glass (bottles/glasses)? +
    Unfortunately glass (bottles / glasses) are not permitted onsite.
  • Can I bring a kettle or mini fridge? +
    I’m afraid not – power purchased in tents is only suitable for charging devices.
  • Can I bring a gas or standard bbq? +
    I’m afraid not.
  • Can I bring BBQs, Camping Stoves, Gazebos (any types of shelters)? +
    Unfortunately BBQs / camping stoves and gazebos / any types of shelters are not permitted onsite.
  • Can I have a campfire? +
    I’m afraid not but there will be a site campfire organised, and run by,the hosts.
  • Will there be water points? +
  • Can I bring a fridge / plug in cool box for ‘medicine’? +
    I’m afraid not – power purchased in tents is only suitable for charging devices but if you purchase a very small low voltage one and share the spec with us beforehand then we’ll maybe able to make arrangements.
  • Can I plug a hairdryer / straighteners into the power in the tent? +
    I’m afraid not but they’ll be a shared space for you to do this.
  • If I don’t have power will there be anywhere to charge my phone? +
    Yes - we’ll provide power in shared spaces but you’ll need to stay with your phone / device.
  • Do you allow children? +
    We do – the price is the same as an additional adult. Infants (0-5) where you provide beds and bedding can be added for free but only up to the max occupancy. Please provide details for all guests at the time of booking.
  • Do you provide lockers for valuables? +
    I’m afraid not – we advise guests not to bring valuables if possible.
  • Can I have more than 1 car-park space? +
    One is included in your reservation. You can have up to 2 additional at a cost of £30 each which must be booked in advance and exclusively for Glastotel guests.
  • Will there be help available to carry my luggage? +
    I’m afraid not and we advise you bring your own if required.
  • Can I park next to my tent? +
    I’m afraid not.